For almost 50 years, Altona has provided award winning plumbing and civil contracting solutions throughout Western Australia. Our team is dedicated to delivering superior quality and service to medium to large scale public and privately funded projects.

Rising to meet adversity, we pride ourselves on our solutions-focused approach. Our areas of expertise provide the distinct advantage of seamlessly combining resources & skills to achieve unique, cost-effective results whilst maintaining the highest quality and safety standards. Not only do we design hydraulic solutions & execute complex projects confidently and effectively.

Equipped to Deliver.

“…Maclean & Lawrence Pty Ltd have worked with Altona Group on many projects, both commercial plumbing and civil for approximately 20 years. Altona have a proactive approach, helping to resolve issues as they arise, quickly and effectively.  We have always found Altona Group to be professional in their approach and delivery of projects. We have no hesitation in recommending them on our tender list for projects…”

Bernard T. Lawrence, MacLean and Lawrence Pty Ltd

“…Altona Group work well, cooperating and coordinating with other trades and customizing their approach to fit the unique needs of a heritage project. They understand that it is necessary to keep the site tidy and provide a safe work environment for themselves and others. We have always found Altona to be reputable, reliable, hardworking, conscientious, and courteous contractor efficient in their delivery of projects…”

George Murray, Clinton Long Project Management Pty Ltd

“…Throughout the 21-months they were engaged on the project, Altona Group have demonstrated a high level of technical skill and professionalism. Altona were able to successfully overcome a number of unique and critical project risks through innovative and flexible solutions to ensure that the significant infrastructure works they were undertaking had minimal impact on the daily operations of the base…”

Miquela Riley, RPS Australia Asia Pacific

“…They have a highly skilled and diverse project team which allows them to work effectively on challenging projects, always ensuring that projects are adequately resourced to achieve program dates. Out of hours work and shutdowns are extremely well managed with seamless changeover between day and night teams when required. Altona Group communicate extremely well and keep their clients informed throughout the project life cycle…”

Chris Howlett, Total Project Solutions